Saturday, June 3, 2023

The only reason I go to ithaca is the heart doctor. And that's it, I won't shop, or dine out there, ever.
 Parked next to me. They are drawn to the city, this one is mild compared to some.




Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Seeking asylum and work, migrants bused out of NYC find hostility

  Before he left Mauritania, the West African nation of his birth, Mohamed thought of New York as a place of “open arms,” a refuge for immigrants fleeing dire circumstances.

Now that he’s here, seeking political asylum from a government he feared would kill him, he doesn't feel welcome. The 19-year-old has become a pawn in an escalating stand-off between New York City and suburban and upstate communities, which are using lawsuits, emergency orders and political pressure to keep people like him out.

Mohamed is one of about 400 international migrants the city has been putting up in a small number of hotels in other parts of the state this month to relieve pressure on its overtaxed homeless shelter system.

 “It’s better in New York City,” Mohamed said. “There, no one cursed at you and said ‘go back to your country.’”

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You don't feel welcome ? You're not go home.

State Police union says investigators 'overwhelmed' by gun seizure cases.

 The union representing State Police investigators said the surging number of cases involving “extreme risk protection orders” that require them to seek court orders to seize firearms from a person they believe to be a danger is pulling them away from other investigations and leaving them “overwhelmed.”


Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Cornell professor says expediting work docs for migrants coming to NY could help economy

Onondaga County officials have filed a lawsuit against New York City, Mayor Eric Adams, the NYC Commissioner of Social Services, and Candlewood Suites over the prospective transfer of asylum seekers from New York City.

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State police overwhelmed by Red Flag Law requests

 Last year, the expansion of New York’s Red Flag Law, which permits the confiscation of firearms from individuals deemed a risk to themselves or others, has led to a significant increase in related cases. This surge, however, is straining the resources of State Police investigators.

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Monday, May 15, 2023

May 15th.

    Well, I've got a spot in the local community garden this year. It gives me a little more room for plants. The tomato seeds I saved last year are tested, about 70%  are germinating, that's good as far as I'm concerned. Have three different types of tomato planted. One being a heritage tomato named Pineapple. I also have two types of Bell peppers in the ground.

It got down to 38 degrees last night and they seemed to have survived that. Trying to start Brussel Sprouts from seed, we'll see. Assorted hot peppers are planted in pots, they usually do pretty good. Wife has her cucumbers and zucchini in pots as she does every year.


    The only reason I go to ithaca is the heart doctor. And that's it, I won't shop, or dine out there, ever.    Parked next to me. ...